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HE Series - Versatility, Energy Efficiency, Unique Air Delivery
The Hi-Velocity HE Series Fan Coil features a programmable EPC motor and controller.  VFDs (Variable Frequency Drives) have been commonly used for energy efficiency in large horsepower motors for many years.  We have adapted this technology for smaller scale use and, when coupled with our fan coils, we have introduced a comfort and efficiency unsurpassed in the HVAC industry. 
Hi-Velocity HE Systems are field programmable from 1.5 to 5 tons of cooling with the use of a single motor and controller assembly. Each programmed tonnage will have up to 5 adjustments for on-site fine tuning which has plagued installers in the past. The motor and controller are separate units and require no recalibration, making field replacements simple and cost effective.

Hi-Velocity HE Series Fan Coil

HE Series Information
HE Series User Guide
 HE Series Design & Installation
  HE Series Design Manual
HE Installation Manual (Complete)

HE Performance Graphs
HE Engineering Specifications

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