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       P-20 Stand-Alone Air Purification

This powerfully advanced Stand-alone System has

5 steps to give you the cleanest air possible:

STEP 1: A Treated Pre-filter removes all particles from the air larger than 5 microns.
STEP 2: A hospital grade HEPA Filter removes allergens so small they can only be seen by a microscope.
STEP 3: A specially formulated Gas Absorption Media removes toxic fumes.
STEP 4: “Photo-Catalytic Oxidation” destroys toxic chemicals and eliminates household odors.
STEP 5: Ultraviolet light 10,000 times the intensity of sunlight kills viruses and bacteria on contact.

Electronic Sensors Protect your Family from Pollutants

Electronic sensors monitor air quality and automatically increase air purifier performance to compensate for periods of usually high chemical activity or during periods of high particle counts.
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