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A Superior Product for all of your Heating,
Cooling and Indoor Air Quality Needs
With the versatility of the Hi-Velocity System, any energy source can be used to provide year round comfort. The systems are designed to be installed in many configurations, whether it be in the attic, closet, basement or mechanical room, the versatility of the Hi-Velocity Systems allows for the maximization of space.

Back by popular demand, the HV Series has been reintroduced in 2013, call us to see if it's right for your application!

Hi-Velocity HV Series Fan Coil
HV Series Information
HV Series Brochure
HV Features & Benefits
HV Systems Explained
HV User Guide - Homeowners

HV Series Design & Installation
HV Design Assistance Manual
HV Installation Manual
HV Series Engineering Specs
HV to HE Conversion Kit Manual

Hi-Velocity Flexible Duct

        Other Products Available
HE-Z Series Fan Coil
LV-Z Series Fan Coil
JH Series Fan Coil
HE PS Hi-Velocity Air Purification System
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